Animal Instinct double sleeved hoody


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Animal Instinct double sleeved hoody

soft brushed back cotton jersey hoody

cover stitched applique soft woven cotton front printed panel with distressed layered screen print, all hand finished within the UK

Text reads – An eagle does not fight a snake on the ground.
It picks it up and changes grounds, then releases it back to the ground.
A snake has no stamina, no power, no balance in the air. It is useless,
weak and vulnerable unlike on the ground where it is deadly, wise and powerful.
Take the fight out of your fight, dont allow your fight to control the outcome,
change grounds like an eagle and be assured of a clean victory.

Regular fit hoody

Always the creator – never the heater inner printed neck binding

Double layered sleeve detail

large front kangaroo pocket

– black hood drawcord


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