What is an affiliate?

When you become an affiliate you will be assigned a unique code. As an affiliate you will get a percentage of the sub-total of each sale you refer to

Commission Rate

We will pay you 15% of any sale that comes via your personalised URL.

If you wish to join our Rep (Affiliate Program) please fill in the form below:

Terms and Conditions

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  1. If you are accepted to join our Affiliate Program we will send you a unique URL to put on your website, Blog etc... 
  2. We want to be completely transparent when it comes to how much commission you have earned. So we will send you a link to a page on our website where you are able to check your commission whenever you want.
  3. Every time you send a potential buyer to using your personalised url, your affiliate code is tracked. If that customer purchases products from Sons of Heroes, you will earn a percentage of that sale.
  4. Your commission will be paid out at the end of the month following the sale. Minimum commission paid at any one time will be £10. If you have not reached this minimum value your commission is rolled on to the following month, this will continue until you reach the minimum value.
  5. Your commission will be paid into the PayPal account you have notified us of on the form opposite.
  6. If an item is that is ordered via your URL, is returned for a refund. The commission for this sale will be taken back.